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Poetry Techniques 1. rhythm: accented syllables in a line of poetry 2. meter: repeated pattern of accented syllables 3. free verse: no regular rhythm or rhyme 4. images and imagery: words and phrases that use sensory details and create a picture in the reader’s mind 5. onomatopoeia: the sound of the word mimics word meaning 6. alliteration: repetition of beginning sounds 7. repetition and refrain: repeating words at regular intervals, or repeating lines or phrases at regular intervals & used for emphasis and to create unity 8. simile: comparison using like or as EX.- My love is like a red, red rose 9. direct metaphor: comparison stated using the verb is (was) EX. - My love is a red rose 10. extended metaphor: metaphor lasts throughout poem 11. implied metaphor: comparison not directly stated EX. -My rose is love 12. personification: giving human qualities to things that are not human The sun smiles 13. symbolism: use of a symbol to add meaning ; symbol is an item, person that represents an abstract idea 14. end rhyme: last word in lines of poetry that sound similar 15. rhyme scheme: pattern of end rhyming words ; assign same letter of alphabet to each rhyming word 16. internal rhyme : rhyme that occurs within a line of poetry 17. near rhyme: words that almost rhyme such as stare and star 18. lyric poetry: expresses emotion, or thoughts 19. narrative poetry: tells a story 20. diction: word choice 21. connotation: feelings or ideas associated with words 22. inversion: changing the normal order of words 23. speaker: imaginary voice assumed by poet, may not be identified 24. concrete poetry: shape of poem on printed page supports meaning of poem 25. tone: speaker or authors attitude toward subject 26. couplet; two lines that rhyme 27. poetic license: poet departs from standard grammar rules or form 28. allusion: reference to historical person, place, event, literary work 29. stanza: a division in poetry 30. assonance: repetition of vowel sounds, usually producing a soft sound consonance: repetition of consonant sounds, - producing harshness
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